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Build your own habitat

Popular architecture has always been open source.
Authorship is not important.
Communities share an ever evolving,
improving body of knowledge.
aixoplucs is a design by research project
about constructing together, 
developing innovative techniques and tools
to help you build your own place.
Your lasting, biodegradable, fabricated,
joyful, self-built habitat.
Because it's not really our house
unless we build it ourselves. 


Build it yourself

Sometimes we share very simple recipes
so you can make them with your own hands,
amateur techniques and standard tools.
Not a kit of parts,
but open systems you can adapt, transform, improve.

New recipes:


Do it together


Sometimes it is designs you can make with the help of fabrication tools
  so you can easily assemble, disassemble and transport them.
Or even customise and transform with standard design software.

New habitats:


Build it ourselves

Sometimes we plan-and-construct together with dwellers and global manufacturers,
developing engineered timber techniques
we can co-build
and that you can question and improve over time.

New environments: