cycled k03 scale 1:1

cycled k03 scale 1:1


cycled family, kids series, k03: a little chair.

1:1 SHELTERWARE: 1970x500x27 mm. salvaged formwork board. 1 unit.

weight: 5 kgs.

wood type: spruce.

wood source: local builder.

wood maker: various makers in the Iberian Peninsula.

fabricated by: rels.

board use: 100 %

possible finishes (CIY): raw, bees wax, oil, pine tar, burnt.

rope: 350 + 350 cms.

gifts and toys: a head adaptor, a stool.

DXF FILE: coming soon.

NOTE: This is a first prototype. We are constantly improving and evolving each shelter. For further information, please read the 'about cycled' section. For pre-orders, please write us at

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Turning used formwork boards into shelters:

What to do with all the thousands of empty, unfinished concrete structures in Spain? Fortunately they weren't finished. Give them to the people. Make kindergartens, workshops, gathering places. Turn them into wonderful homes using salvaged formwork boards.

Each one of the boards we use have a carbon store of 75,6 kgs. before traveling to you. That allows us to send it at a maximum distance of 1512 kms. in order to achieve a carbon neutral aixopluc. This includes eastern Spain and the Balearic Islands. We don't send this family beyond this limit, although we send their models all over.
More details at 'our steps, terms and conditions'.

We use only salvaged formwork boards from disappeared building companies.