CIY Habitat

Our friends Ricard and Marta live in an old house in the center of Les Borges del Camp. They have a big empty space on top which they want to transform into their two little ladies rooms.
They also want to use this space as their second living room when the kids are not home. The structure is in good shape. They basically don't need any architect for legal issues, so they asked for advice on how they could make a better use of that space.

Although it is quite big and tall, the existing windows are small, and the atmospheric conditions are quite poor, with very little insulation and air renewal. Ricard loves to repair and upcycle old motorbikes. They are planning to build almost everything themselves.

So we prepare a custom-made plan for them. A CIY (complete-it-yourself) strategy. We produce a set of clear documents, precise instructions on how they can assemble walls, floors, ceiling, windows... from cheap standard studs and plyboards. We might help them on and off.