From project-to-project to recipes:

Recipes of course are just information we can access, select,
refine, tailor and interpret freely, but the better the recipe,
the better the dinner and a really good recipe can apply
innovative ideas to readily available and inexpensive
ingredient materials so as to create valuable results. That
added value is the basis of postindustrial production and the
intelligence coded into the recipe is the strategic design component of how that value is conceptualized, produced, and realized.
— Leonard R. Bachman

Traditionally architects work on custom made projects, brought by client's commissions or via competitions. What if the disciplinary knowledge of architects could be shared, creating an open source system that allows everyone to build their own home with even a better quality and performance as in custom made projects?

We help you build your own chair, cabin or house, by yourself or with just the help of two friends. Without contractors, carpenters, plumbers.

Air, water and alternative ways of cohabitation have found their protectors. Curricula offer them training, and bureaucracies offer them jobs. The liberty to dwell and the protection of a habitable environment for the moment remain the concern of minority citizens’ movements; and then these movements are all too often corrupted by architects who misinterpret their aims.’Build-it-yourself’ is thought of as a mere hobby -or as a consolation for shanty-towns. Yet, modern methods, materials and machines make build-it-yourself ever so much simpler and less tiresome than it was before.
— Ivan Illich, Dwelling.