'Industrial society is the only one which attempts to make every citizen into a resident who must be housed and thus is absolved from the duty of that social and communitary activity that I call dwelling. Those who insist now on their liberty to dwell on their own are either very well off or treated as deviants'
Ivan Illich, Dwelling.

Most human dwellings have been thought and made without an architect. Architect's knowledge on how to help others dwell and build, and the rest of societies' culture and desires on what they understand a home is, are constantly drifting away.
Let's face it. Most of the times it's a loose-loose situation. People end up living somewhere they don't quite understand, builders get burnt out on the way, and architects feel frustrated because they are not properly understood. Their knowledge is somehow wasted.
DIT is about really working hand in hand through all plan and construct process -beyond design/build- from the first diagnose, questions and ideas, to actually building it together. By bringing architect's complex and rich disciplinary knowledge and dwellers needs together, we build joint ventures with environmental-positive manufacturers -mainly using CNC fabrication technologies and locally sourced CLT panels -from multi-storey dwellings and single-family houses to public buildings.
Each of our projects is a research on how to make the world inhabitable together.
Here we bring to an extreme our idea that there's no architecture without a true collaboration -which necessarily implies debate and negotiation, but not taking compromises.
We don't have clients, we work with people.

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